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Intelligent Automation

We provide a wide range of services to help businesses automate, simplify and rapidly develop core business operations.

Data Modernisation

Build a data platform infused with AI. Drive predictive analytics that powers your business to make informed decisions.

Trust & Security

Built on Microsoft trust, you can rely on us to deliver secure implementations and trusted advice to build your business.

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Making change Happen

CRM Development

Accelerate innovation with our AI product development expertise. From ideation to deployment, we craft cutting-edge solutions, driving business growth.

Generative AI

Generative AI fosters creativity and innovation, generating diverse content and solutions autonomously, pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence

Data Engineering

Exemplifying proficiency in data model development, we meticulously craft data models, ensuring precision, scalability and operational excellence.

Business Solutions That Drive Business Value

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System Development Mastery

From our committed, supportive team, you will get the best support no matter the project you are running. From technical issues to management issues, you will get the right level of support to build your business applications.

CRM Partner

We know our way around the Microsoft ecosystem and will help maximise your investments with Dynamics 365 to drive optimal value to your business.

  • Sales – Configure your business processes and accelerate your sales conversions with rich sales intelligence.
  • Customer Service – Generate unique customer connections and deliver transformative outcomes using an intelligent contact center solution.
  • Power Platform – We can create custom business applications, automate workflows and analyse data using the Power Platform. 

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Iterative Training for Precision

Our iterative training approach ensures your teams learn intricate patterns and adapts to new technologies. We strike the perfect balance between simplicity and complexity, refining the training as your teams develop and grow.

Modernise Your Data Estate

Unleash the latest tech innovation to fuel your data insights. Modernise your data estate and accelerate your data transformation journey.

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Data Preprocessing Mastery

We will drive real, lasting value through the modernisation of your data estate, powering data intelligence across your business. We will break down data silos and barriers to your data and generate a single source of truth that delivers credibility and integrity.

Timely Insights

Make informed-decisions based off real-time insights to drive confidence that fosters a data-driven business culture.

Lakehouse Architecture

Modern data platforms require centralisation of large amounts of data from different sources for reporting and analytical purposes. We will improve data systems that drive efficiency, scalability and stability to enable seamless data usage.

Innovate Smarter With Digital Twins

Digital Twins can be used in various industries such as manufacturing, energy, construction, transportation and many more. They can be used for monitoring, simulation and optimisation of equipment and systems, enabling organisations to improve their performance and reduce downtime.


We include simulating the asset’s response to different loads, environmental conditions and control inputs. Gain valuable insights into the performance and behaviour of your equipment, assets and processes, allowing you to identify and resolve issues quickly and improve overall efficiency.

Smart Operations

We help to continuously update your digital twins with new data as it becomes available to keep it as accurate as possible. We will integrate the digital twin with other systems, such as control systems, monitoring systems, and analytics platforms. This allows the digital twin to provide real-time insights into the asset’s performance and to be used for control and optimisation. We can  enable your system to compare results of the simulation to the real-world behaviour of the asset. This can be done by comparing simulated results to data collected from the physical asset.

All In One

  • Collect data such as sensor readings, images and other measurements.
  • Automatically manage and respond to critical events happening in real-time.
  • Use models to simulate the behaviours under different conditions.

We Help You Design The System You Want

Implementing an ERP system is a complex endeavour that requires careful planning, customisation and training. It’s essential to choose an ERP solution that aligns with your organisation. Work with our experienced consultants and experts throughout your journey to deliver lasting value.

Modern ERP Systems

We build, implement and support ERP systems to facilitate the flow of information and data across different departments, improve operational efficiency and provide real-time insights for better decision-making.

Finance and Accounting

We build bespoke systems to manage financial transactions, including accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), general ledger and financial reporting. In addition we design systems to handle employee data, payroll, recruitment, benefits administration and workforce management.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Our iterative approach ensures you have an SCM to cover business inventory management, procurement, order processing and logistics. In manufacturing, we specialise in production planning, scheduling, quality control, shop floor management and digital twins.

Business Transformation

Digital transformation is transforming business with technology. To aid on your transformation, our technical project team will manage your delivery projects for you.

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Inspire and Achieve

Our teams will help inspire your stakeholders, connect your workforce and set common goals, configure business alignment across your key stakeholders and drive consensus on change. Leave it to us to manage the day-to-day running of your projects, delivering to your chosen methodology.

Project Management

Leave it to us to set roles and responsibilities and manage the capacity and resource for all operational teams. We have the latest project tools and practices to stay on top of the numbers to keep your projects to budget and help to maintain effective communication and help coordinate efforts across teams.

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Data Analytics in the Era of AI

Effective Evaluation, Analytics And Observation For Your Al-Powered Platforms

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[ Dynamics 365 ]

Turbocharge your workforce

Move forward faster with AI-assisted functionality inside Dynamics 365

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[ Power Platform ]

Streamline, Automate and Optimise

We can provide a wide range of services to help businesses to effectively use the Microsoft Power Platform, from planning and implementation to training and support.

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[ Business ]

We are supporting Small business in the Uk

Our advantage is leveraging a Microsoft partnership to build deep knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem. This enables our teams to offer integrated solutions tailored to the specific needs of micro and small businesses.

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[ About Us ]

We’ve built Blundens into one of the most disruptive and progressive companies.

At Blundens, we are at the forefront of bringing cutting-edge technological innovation to SMEs, bridging the gap between complex advancements and practical business applications.

As a dedicated Microsoft partner, we specialise in tailoring and implementing robust business systems that cater specifically to the needs of SMEs, enabling them to nurture relationships and drive growth efficiently. Furthermore, our expertise in AI allows these enterprises to harness data-driven insights, streamlining decision-making processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

Our pioneering work in digital twins further positions our clients at the vanguard of technological evolution, providing them with a dynamic, virtual representation of their physical assets and processes. Through our comprehensive suite of services, we empower SMEs to not just navigate but thrive in the digital age.

"We have something special at Blundens. I feel we are part of something that is much bigger than ourselves."

Gary Blunden



Game-Changing AI Transformation. Exceptional Results

Highly Recommended

I can't recommend these guys enough. I've collaborated on many projects with Gary and his team. Their delivery, cadence and knowledge are the best I've come across.


Mark Boulter

Liv Golf


Gary's attention to detail is unparalleled. I've worked on multiple projects with the team, every time the outcome is outstanding and exactly to spec.


Alex Booth-Lowe

William Reed

Meaningful Value

It’s clear to see Blundens is modelled on a human-centred approach that delivers meaningful value. The project they delivered for me will absolutely do that. 


Isaac Downes


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