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At Blundens, we are at the forefront of bringing cutting-edge technological innovation to SMEs, bridging the gap between complex advancements and practical business applications.

As a dedicated Microsoft partner, we specialise in tailoring and implementing robust business systems that cater specifically to the needs of SMEs, enabling them to nurture relationships and drive growth efficiently. Furthermore, our expertise in AI allows these enterprises to harness data-driven insights, streamlining decision-making processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

Our pioneering work in digital twins further positions our clients at the vanguard of technological evolution, providing them with a dynamic, virtual representation of their physical assets and processes. Through our comprehensive suite of services, we empower SMEs to not just navigate but thrive in the digital age.

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Blundens is a Microsoft Partner based in the UK. Our customers take advantage of our expertise in both business systems development and data & AI. We pride ourselves in being the experts in Microsoft business applications such as Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. In addition, our data capabilities in analytics and machine learning help our customers modernise their data estate and leverage new cloud data platforms that provide limitless potential and opportunity to maximise their investments.

Blundens Beginnings

Blundens was originally a sole proprietorship operating out of the south east of England, supporting customers
within the south and Greater London areas. Gary Blunden is the original founder and still leads the organisation today.

October, 2014

Early Success

Given the success of our early partnerships and smaller operations, Blundens secured a contract which resulted in the business signing a 3 year deal to deliver a global application development project.

January 2018

Quick Growth

Blundens was restructured after seeing large growth and a business plan was formed to bring the company back with a stronger business service model designed to offer a broader range of capabilities to our customers.

April 2021

Blundens Incorporated

Given the success of the business team over the height of a global pandemic, the company was incorporated, research funds were secured and a larger service proposition was made available to our customers through our dedicated digital workforce.

July 2022

Research Funding

With the support of the LEAP fund, we accelerated the development and implementation of our state-of-the-art facility management solutions, bringing numerous benefits to the public sector.

March 2023

Nvidia Partner


With this partnership, we gain access to NVIDIA’s extensive ecosystem and technical support, comprising deep learning experts, engineers and resources. This collaboration ensures that our customers receive the best-in-class support and expertise, fostering a smooth transition to AI-powered embedded systems and driving their success.


Game-Changing AI Transformation. Exceptional Results

Highly Recommended

I can't recommend these guys enough. I've collaborated on many projects with Gary and his team. Their delivery, cadence and knowledge are the best I've come across.


Mark Boulter

Liv Golf


Gary's attention to detail is unparalleled. I've worked on multiple projects with the team, every time the outcome is outstanding and exactly to spec.


Alex Booth-Lowe

William Reed

Meaningful Value

It’s clear to see Blundens is modelled on a human-centred approach that delivers meaningful value. The project they delivered for me will absolutely do that. 


Isaac Downes


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