Cognitive Data analytics

Data silos can plague businesses and create technical hurdles that impede analysis of your business operations. Each new technology can create more siloed data. 

We can help drive rich data collection that provides you with useful, actionable insights you can work with.

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unlock the full potential of your data

Data Hygiene

We can help clean, validate and update data to make sure that it is accurate, up-to-date, complete, consistent and reliable.

Data Analytics

Discover, interpret and communicate meaningful patterns for your business data to drive informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

Mimic human problem-solving, automate repetitive tasks and make predictions with machine intelligence.

Data Management Expertise

Data Intelligence

Derive intelligence from raw business data to help support business decision-making that drives a data-driven culture. Gain foresight into future business activity and remain agile and responsive to an ever-changing climate.  

Dashboards and Reports

Put your data to work and remove the mundane prep out of report generation. Create rich data visualisations that provide real-time metrics for your business users enabling them to react quickly.

Data Governance

Deliver information securely. Govern, protect and easily manage your data estate. Create an holistic data-map of your data landscape and employ tools to help you protect and comply whilst empowering data consumers.

Predict the future

We can enable you to make more informed decisions using the predictive capabilities of data science. Together, we can gain foresight into your future operations to help you succeed.

Expertise where you need it

We work with you to meet the challenge. Our team will augment existing teams and operations to help your people deliver the exceptional.

Connecting With You is Our Starting Point

We look to understand you before looking to be understood. It's your journey and we help realise the opportunity to get the most out of your applications.

Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

We won't let you down. We are on-hand 24/7 to get you moving. No matter the challenge or project, talk to us to find out how we can partner with your business.

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I can't recommend these guys enough. I've collaborated on many projects with Gary and his team. Their delivery, cadence and knowledge are the best I've come across.


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Gary's attention to detail is unparalleled. I've worked on multiple projects with the team, every time the outcome is outstanding and exactly to spec.


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It’s clear to see Blundens is modelled on a human-centred approach that delivers meaningful value. The project they delivered for me will absolutely do that. 


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